Policy Research and Legal Analysis

Model Tribal Food and Agriculture Code

The model code is a free resource available on It is a foundational document, intended as a starting point for Tribes exercising their sovereignty in the space of food and agriculture. Example model code chapters include, but are not limited to:

Traditional Foods and Seeds

Health and Nutrition

Agricultural and Food Safety


Land Use

Agricultural Business Entities

Farm Bill Resources

Tribal Provisions in 2018 Farm Bill One-Pager

The 2018 Farm Bill Side-by-Side

Tribal-Specific Provisions in the House, Senate, and Final Conference Report



2017 Census of Agriculture Update

Public Law No: 117 - 58

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations

Child Nutrition Programs in Indian Country

Economic Development Opportunities in the 2018 Farm Bill

After-school Meals

Farm-to-School Grant Program

Special Milk Program

Program Highlight: Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP)

Market Access Program

School Meals: National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Program in Schools

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

NRCS Alternative Funding Arrangements (AFAs)

Program Highlight: Farm Service Agency (FSA)

Indain Country Stats - A Brief overview of Indian Country

Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (Public Law 93-638)

Program Highlight: Natural Resources Conservation Service

Policy Analysis

The 2018 Farm Bill and the Legal Landscape for Industrial Hemp Production in Indian Country

Regaining Our Future: An Assessment of Risks and Opportunities for Native Communities in the 2018 Farm Bill

Jamie Simms Hipp & Colby D. Duren (2018)


Optimizing Distribution Center Location and Delivery Schemes for the USDA's Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

Karli Moore, Et Al. (2018)


Building Indian Country's Future Through Food, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Economic Development in the 2018 Farm Bill

Janie Simms Hipp, Colby D. Duren, and Erin S. Parker (2018)


Intertribal Food Systems Report

Tribes are driving change and leading innovative work in food, agriculture, and health equity work. Read IFAI’s Intertribal Food Systems report, a national survey of food and agriculture work happening in Indian Country.