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Building the Next Generation: Food and Agriculture Opportunities for Native Youth

Watch this video to hear from the Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative’s Carly Griffith Hotvedt on opportunities for Native Youth across Indian Country, including IFAI’s youth programs as well as goal setting, professional tips and more!

The Intertribal Agriculture Council’s Kelsey Scott, Latashia Redhouse, and Keir Johnson-Reyes also provide information on the importance of Native youth in food and agriculture, including IAC resources and other opportunities for Native youth to get involved and gain experience.

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Farm Bill

 The Farm Bill is one of the largest pieces of domestic legislation in the United States. Enacted by Congress approximately every five years, it addresses everything from nutrition programs, agricultural policies, and food production to natural resource conservation, rural development, and insurance programs.

Scaling Up Series

The Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative’s “Scaling Up” trainings are a regularly recurring webinar and in-person project dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of business planning and feasibility analysis training modules for Tribal governments and Tribal food businesses.