Food and Agriculture Grants 

Local Food Purchase Assistance Program (LFPA)

Funding Opportunity Number: USDA-AMS-10182-LFPA0000-22-0001


Application deadline extended to May 20, 2022. Details on the changes are listed in the LFPA Request for Applications, Version 3, available at


The purpose of this program is to maintain and improve food and agricultural supply chain resiliency, and the program will award up to $400 million through non-competitive cooperative agreements with state and tribal governments to support local, regional, and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers through the purchase of domestic, local foods.

The food will meet the needs of the population and serve feeding programs, including food banks, schools and organizations, that reach underserved communities. Addition to increasing local food consumption, funds will help build and expand economic opportunity for local and socially-disadvantaged producers.

State and tribal governments can partner with nonprofit organizations and will be required to submit proposals indicating how they will use the funds to purchase commodities to support local, regional, and historically underserved farmers and ranchers within their states or within 400 miles of the delivery destination.


Eligible entities include the State agencies, commissions, or departments that are responsible for agriculture, procurement, food distribution, emergency response or similar activities within the State. The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will make only one award per State or territory; agencies within the State must coordinate if more than one agency wishes to implement this program. Awards to Tribal Governments are not considered a state agency award; additional awards will be made to Tribal Governments.


  • Estimated Total Program Funding is $400 million
  • Program awards will occur through a non-competitive process based on The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) funding formula, which considers the poverty rate and unemployment levels in each state to ensure the distribution of funds corresponds to feeding needs in each state.
  • Cooperative Agreement applications will be awarded based on acceptability and ability to meet the goals of the program. Recipients must spend the pre-dominance of awarded funds on food purchases. Food purchases can include both fresh and processed foods. The period of performance for the Cooperative Agreements will be two years from the time of award. Initial agreements will be distributed incrementally to ensure all interested applicants have an opportunity for an award.
  • Initial awards will be to State Governments and Tribal Governments. Depending on demand, additional agreements may be made available for local governments.